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Responsive Design vs. Mobile “” sites


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After reading this negative article on responsive design, I felt compelled to write a response.

Responsive Design (RWD) is something I have studied and thought through a lot over the last couple years. It is just one solution to a very complex issue that we face.

That complex issue is the endless sea of devices that are used to visit websites. You have cutting-edge phones that support the latest standards, and you also have old Blackberry’s that don’t have a full-fledged web browser – not to mention large smartphones, phablets and tablets.

Vast sea of web-capable devices

Image credit: Brad Frost

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What is so amazing about Icon Fonts and SVG’s?


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The year is 2010, the web world is peacefully floating along…  suddenly everything is shattered as Apple announces the world’s first high-resolution Retina screen.

Designers everywhere are reeling with this news trying to figure out a solution to this problem. Suddenly one designer has an idea – we can create two sizes of all our images and serve them up based on your screen resolution!

The only problem is that not only is maintaining two versions of every image a hassle, but it hasn’t really solved the problem.

The problem is not Retina screens, the real problem is static non-scalable images. It is only a matter of time until Apple or Samsung releases a 4x retina display that will force designers to begin creating 4 versions of every image asset.

Icon Fonts vs SVG’s

What we need are truly scalable vector graphics – enter Icon Fonts and SVG’s. Both of these formats give us a huge step in the right direction of completely resolution independent graphics.

No more creating multiple sizes of your jpg/png images, and serving them up with media queries and javascript – hooray!

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Sign-A-Rama Redesign


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We recently worked with a local Signage Shop to completely rebrand their website. We worked hard to create something that truly showcased their amazing work, experience and great customer experience.

Sign-A-Rama: Case Study

Sign-A-Rama – Carpentersville hired us to redesign their entire online presence into something that truly showcased their amazing work, experience and great customer experience.

Our goal is to establish them as a high-performing million dollar company, and their website was a huge thing holding them back from this reputation.

Check out the full Case Study to see how we built their new completely responsive website.

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How to Design the Layout of a Website – Part 3


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How many times have you been simply overwhelmed with all the different ways to design the layout of a website. Whether the navigation, photo slider, or number of columns, there are always lots of decisions you have to make for a website layout.

Layout Mini-Series

If you haven’t read our last article in this series, make sure you check it out before continuing with this article.

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Should I Use a Large Background for my Website?


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These days in web design is seems to be all the rage to use extremely large photos for the background of your website. Designers everywhere are creating “Photoshop Masterpieces” and proudly displaying them as a full-screen background. Is this trend a good idea, or does it have any underlying problems or issues we need to be aware off?

Large Photo Backgrounds

Charlie Buckingham uses a large background for his sailboat racing website. Read more…