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What does an optimal CMS user-experience look like?


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Last week, we talked about several specific problems with WordPress.  I know I said this week we were going to look at some solutions. But in thinking about the problems mentioned, I realized that it was more important to first go over some key user experience (UX) principles before discussing specific solutions.

So this week we will look at what an optimal CMS user experience should look like. We’ll outline the groundwork needed to create a really good editing experience in WordPress, and any other CMS.

The Future of Content Management - Rachel Andrews

This article is based heavily on Rachel Andrew’s talk on “The Future of Content Management”. Her talk really opened my eyes to how much our current management systems are lacking. You can watch it here in it’s entirety.

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How to Design the Layout of a Website – Part 1


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How many times have you hit a brick wall in designing the layout of a website? Have you ever given up completely on being “original” and simply copied off the layout of another website that is popular? Or maybe you’ve given up on custom designs long ago, and you’ve taken to modifying pre-made templates for your Clients.

Design the layout of a website - mini-series

I know we’ve all had one or all of these experiences from time to time in our career. The real question is how we can keep this from happening again. How can we design creatively without copying off others, or spending countless hours fiddling around without getting anything substantial accomplished.

Introducing the “How to Design a Website Layout” Mini-Series. This series is for any designer who is looking to rise above the mediocracy of poor layouts/designs and learn how to create vibrant, highly useful website interfaces. Read more…

The Essentials of an Awesome Non-Profit Website


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As we all know, website are a powerful tool we can use to impact the culture and communities around us. Non-Profit organizations are usually founded to improve the lives and communities of needy people.

Many of these organizations are either lacking a website, or are not effecting engaging their communities in order to provide the help and support they desperately need.

RU4 Children

This article will give you seven steps to build a successful Non-Profit website that effectively engages the community and really meets the organization’s needs.

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What Makes an Amazing Website – Part 1


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There are certain elements in a website that make it stand out from its competition. It doesn’t really matter what sort of website you have – blog, large retailer or photographer, there are key things that must be included in order to have a successful web presence and ultimately achieve higher returns on your business.

Be Amazing

Are you looking to just “Get by” or are you really looking after the needs of your users and providing them with an amazing, easy-to-use, content rich website. Don’t just try to get by, seek to exceed all expectations! 180byDesign seeks to provide all their clients with an ‘Amazing’ website. Read more…