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What is so amazing about Icon Fonts and SVG’s?


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The year is 2010, the web world is peacefully floating along…  suddenly everything is shattered as Apple announces the world’s first high-resolution Retina screen.

Designers everywhere are reeling with this news trying to figure out a solution to this problem. Suddenly one designer has an idea – we can create two sizes of all our images and serve them up based on your screen resolution!

The only problem is that not only is maintaining two versions of every image a hassle, but it hasn’t really solved the problem.

The problem is not Retina screens, the real problem is static non-scalable images. It is only a matter of time until Apple or Samsung releases a 4x retina display that will force designers to begin creating 4 versions of every image asset.

Icon Fonts vs SVG’s

What we need are truly scalable vector graphics – enter Icon Fonts and SVG’s. Both of these formats give us a huge step in the right direction of completely resolution independent graphics.

No more creating multiple sizes of your jpg/png images, and serving them up with media queries and javascript – hooray!

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Typography and Why it is Important for Your Website


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There is no doubt about it – typography and the font-faces we choose has a huge impact on multiple aspects of our website including readability, mood, perceived article length, user experience and much, much more. It is absolutely essential that designers know and understand the different principles of typography that create a pleasing design, in order to properly portray the vision and mood of the website they are designing.

To many font-faces can be very distracting to your readers.
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