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How to standout in a world of mediocrity


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Last week I went to an Entrepreneurship conference where I heard an amazing talk on excellence by Mr. Gary Powers. Powers is the Owner of Ortho Molecular Products, a company who aims to change the way the health supplement businesses are run.

Excellence: How to standout in a world of mediocrity

Powers says many company’s products are not accurately represented on their labels. A supplement label may say it has Betaine to aid with digestion, but how much does it actually have? Many companies will add just a few drops of an ingredient to a huge mixing container and add it to their label to help it sell.

Power’s company is looking to set a new standard of excellence in the industry. His talk led me to think about how these same principles of excellence can be applied to the web industry. If you are tired of the status quo – business as usual – then keep reading!

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How Much should I Charge to Design a Website?


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In today’s age of template designs, PSD to HTML services, and drag-and-drop website builders many designers are struggling with what to charge for their services. It seems like the only way to survive is to bid less, lower rates, and work more hours.

What to Charge for a Website

But is that that only way? Do you really need to compete with every 15 year old high school kid, or coder from India who is charging $15/hr for their HTML skills? Just so you know, I’m not against young people doing web jobs for companies at all, or even oversees “coders” from India, it’s just that I don’t need to compete with their pricing model because we have a very different target market.

Warning: Reading this series may change the way you run your business, and has been known to cause web developers to deliver better value to their Clients, become a ninja negotiator and possibly double or triple their rates. Consider yourself warned!

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Designer Skills Matter More Than the Tool Used


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After talking with many experienced designers and working on many projects, I have come to the realization that design skills matter more than tools.

Think about it, a carpenter could still build a house without an air-nailer; but if you’ve never built a house, you couldn’t get it done with the best tool in the world.

Designer Tools

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This article has the focus of improving design skills, rather than worrying about always having the latest and greatest Photoshop version (even though that may be important). Read more…