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How to Design the Layout of a Website – Part 3


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How many times have you been simply overwhelmed with all the different ways to design the layout of a website. Whether the navigation, photo slider, or number of columns, there are always lots of decisions you have to make for a website layout.

Layout Mini-Series

If you haven’t read our last article in this series, make sure you check it out before continuing with this article.

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The Case for Fixed Navigation


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Analyze a Trend in Web Design

As good web designers we must carefully analyze each new trend and idea that is thrown into the wild, wild web. Simply blindly following every new “fad” in web design will never make you an awesome and great designer. We need to look at each trend objectively and determine if it has a place in our designer toolbox.

Is fixed navigation a new trend for design?

One new trend is to use fixed navigation either in the header, sidebar, or footer of your browser window. Let’s look at some reasons of why this trend might have some validity in modern design. Read more…