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Design is Not Just a Veneer


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The question often comes up in conversations among developers, web designers and business owners of “What is Design?”. When most developers think of design one thing comes to their mind. When an artist/designer thinks of design they often think of a completely different thing. In seeking to define this term we need to ask ourselves some important questions like “Why is it important“, “What does good design look like”, “What does it involve“?

As we seek to discover what design truly encompasses, I hope you will not only enjoy learning some new things, but will also come away with a desire and passion to refine your skills as a designer. I want you to be inspired to study this topic further, through learning from other great designers, reading great books and practice – lots of practice.

Veneer Keyboard by Lazerwood Industries

Photo credit: Lazerwood Industries - Macbook Pro with Veneer keyboard

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How to Design the Layout of a Website – Part 2


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Like we promised, here is the next article in our Layout Mini Series entitled “Steps to Designing a Great Layout.

Steps to designing a great layout:

This article will give you practical step-by-step instructions on how to design an effective layout for your Clients. These principles of layout design are gathered from design experts like Jason Santa MariaBen Shneiderman, and Joshua Johnson.

Learn them, apply them, and you will be on your way to creating amazing, effective, user friendly layouts that will “Wow” your Clients and end-users. Read more…

How to Design the Layout of a Website – Part 1


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How many times have you hit a brick wall in designing the layout of a website? Have you ever given up completely on being “original” and simply copied off the layout of another website that is popular? Or maybe you’ve given up on custom designs long ago, and you’ve taken to modifying pre-made templates for your Clients.

Design the layout of a website - mini-series

I know we’ve all had one or all of these experiences from time to time in our career. The real question is how we can keep this from happening again. How can we design creatively without copying off others, or spending countless hours fiddling around without getting anything substantial accomplished.

Introducing the “How to Design a Website Layout” Mini-Series. This series is for any designer who is looking to rise above the mediocracy of poor layouts/designs and learn how to create vibrant, highly useful website interfaces. Read more…

How to Make Your Website Standout from the Competition


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When visiting a website you may be thinking, “Man this website looks terrible, and is really hard to use!” Or you may be thinking “Wow, this website looks great, and I found everything I needed.”

Does your design standout? What is the difference between the design of a really amazing website and one that looks ugly and uninviting? This article outlines some design elements and principles that will transform your design from okay to extraordinary. Read more…

What Makes an Amazing Website – Part 2


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In Part 1 of this article, we looked at 5 out of the 10 elements in a website that make it stand out from its competition. By following these elements or principles of great design, you will ensure that you are meeting the needs of your users, as well as maximizing the profitability of your business.

Amazing Design - Part 2

Remember, don’t try to just “Get by”. Really analyze and study the needs of your users and provide them with an amazing, easy-to-use, content rich website. Don’t just try to get by, seek to exceed all expectations! I love the way Solid Giant really worked hard on their website to ensure their website is super user friendly. Read more…