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How Much Should I Charge to Design a Website – Part 4


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Just in case you were wondering this is not a guide to teach you how to “make a killing” designing websites. Nor it is even a go-to guide that will tell you if you live in Chicago, IL and you are designing this type of website charge $xx,xxx.

What to Charge for a Website

This series is about giving your Clients more value, more return-on-investment; it’s about niching down your market, providing better service, and how to become a “trusted business ally” to your Clients.

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The Essentials of an Awesome Non-Profit Website


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As we all know, website are a powerful tool we can use to impact the culture and communities around us. Non-Profit organizations are usually founded to improve the lives and communities of needy people.

Many of these organizations are either lacking a website, or are not effecting engaging their communities in order to provide the help and support they desperately need.

RU4 Children

This article will give you seven steps to build a successful Non-Profit website that effectively engages the community and really meets the organization’s needs.

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