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Several New Code Editors you Should Keep an Eye On


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As a web developer I am always interested in new tools that are purported to save me time in the development process. One thing that has always bugged me about most of the main code editors is that they only have a poor live feedback feature. Sure, you may be able to see a live preview of a simple HTML/CSS file, but who really works in such an environment anymore? We need an editor that will that will allow us to use all our modern languages and tools and give us instant feedback of any changes we have made.

A New Type of Code Editors

In this article we will take a look at several new editors that are being developed and determine whether or not they will be useful to us as a modern web development tool. Read more…

Designer Skills Matter More Than the Tool Used


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After talking with many experienced designers and working on many projects, I have come to the realization that design skills matter more than tools.

Think about it, a carpenter could still build a house without an air-nailer; but if you’ve never built a house, you couldn’t get it done with the best tool in the world.

Designer Tools

Photo Credit

This article has the focus of improving design skills, rather than worrying about always having the latest and greatest Photoshop version (even though that may be important). Read more…

Is Photoshop CS6 Better for Web Development?


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It’s all over the web that Photoshop CS6 has been released by Adobe. Photographers, graphic designers, and web developers are all talking about the great new tools and features it brings to the world of design. But as a web designer I have to ask the question: What benefits does it offer the world of design?

Photoshop CS6

Adobe seems to promote each of their new releases as the best ever, but does this new release hold up to their claims?

Read more…