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Responsive Design vs. Mobile “” sites


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After reading this negative article on responsive design, I felt compelled to write a response.

Responsive Design (RWD) is something I have studied and thought through a lot over the last couple years. It is just one solution to a very complex issue that we face.

That complex issue is the endless sea of devices that are used to visit websites. You have cutting-edge phones that support the latest standards, and you also have old Blackberry’s that don’t have a full-fledged web browser – not to mention large smartphones, phablets and tablets.

Vast sea of web-capable devices

Image credit: Brad Frost

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How to Design the Layout of a Website – Part 1


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How many times have you hit a brick wall in designing the layout of a website? Have you ever given up completely on being “original” and simply copied off the layout of another website that is popular? Or maybe you’ve given up on custom designs long ago, and you’ve taken to modifying pre-made templates for your Clients.

Design the layout of a website - mini-series

I know we’ve all had one or all of these experiences from time to time in our career. The real question is how we can keep this from happening again. How can we design creatively without copying off others, or spending countless hours fiddling around without getting anything substantial accomplished.

Introducing the “How to Design a Website Layout” Mini-Series. This series is for any designer who is looking to rise above the mediocracy of poor layouts/designs and learn how to create vibrant, highly useful website interfaces. Read more…

For Designers: How to Increase your Business


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Have you ever had a hard time convincing your would-be Clients of their need for a new website? Have you ever made that proposal to a company that seemed really excited about a project who then backed down after hearing your price?

Meeting your Client's needs

If so, this article is for you. It will help you when working with businesses and individuals you have identified that need a new website. Read more…

Why should I design for Mobile-First?


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Whether we want to admit it or not, the web is going mobile. If you don’t have a mobile version of your website, you are turning away a huge percentage of your users and customers. Well the latest counts are in that show that there are over 1.2 billion mobile Web users worldwide and over 25% of mobile users in the United States will never touch their desktop this year.  Last year, over 73 percent of consumers used their mobile phone while in a store shopping. On top of that, this year it is expected that more smartphones will sell than Desktop PC’s.

Mobile First is very important for website designs

This article will explain why you should design a website from the ground up or Mobile-First as it’s often called. Read more…