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WordPress Reimagined in a More User-Friendly Way


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WordPress is the most popular Content Management System to date. But is it really up to the task of managing your website? Over the last several articles we have looked at several main problems of WordPress including WYSIWYG Editors, Not enough control over document structure, and a somewhat confusing admin panel.

Wordpress Reimagined

In this article we are going to look at some ways we can improve WordPress to make it way more user-friendly for content editors and business owners.

So let’s jump right in and look at 6 ways that we can improve the editing experience of this awesome Content Management System known as WordPress.

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Should I Choose a Custom Website Design, or Use a Premade Template?


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One of the most argued topics of today is “Should I Choose a Custom Website Design, or Use a Premade Template?” One reason this question is so difficult to answer is because there are design firms that are charging around $6000 for a custom website with CMS integration, and other companies are offering their themed template designs for only $50.

How is it possible that the range of pricing is so broad? How do I choose between a custom design and a theme template? Is there even any reason I should go with a custom design – it looks like there are plenty of nice template designs out right?

Custom Web Design vs. Using a Template

In this article I will answer these and other questions about what direction you should choose when redesigning or developing your new website. Read more…